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Kreće prodaja AMD EPYC™ 7000 serije

Srpanj 12, 2017


Kreće prodaja AMD EPYC™ 7000 serije

Novo doba za podatkovne centre!


AMD EPYC™ 7000 serija

Inovativni dizajn, rekorder AMD EPYC design, uz do 32 visokekoperformansne “Zen” jezgre i neusporedivog seta značajki pruža bolje performanse nego bilo koji konkurentni proizvod u svim segmentima mjernja performansi. 

“Uz seriju EPYC procesora, AMD donosi vodeće performanse u industriji s namijenom za velika opterečenja kod kritičnih poslovnih, cloaud ili stroje inteligencije,” izjavio je Lisa Su, predsjednik i CEO, AMD. “EPYC procesori nude bezkompromisne performanse za single-socket sustave dok prilagodba za dual-socket servere podiže na višu razinu, potpuno advisjujući konkurente u svim segmentima te i cijeni. Ponosni smo što smo pružili pravo na izbor i inovaciju nazad u podatkovne centre uz globalnu podršku partnerima u cijelom svjetu.”

najveći svjetski proizvođači predstavili su proizvode temeljene na AMD EPYC 7000-seriji procesora uključujući HPE, Dell, Asus, Gigabyte, Inventec, Lenovo, Sugon, Supermicro, Tyan, i Wistron. Primarno hypervizori i dobavitelji operativnog sustava za servere Microsoft, Red Hat, VMware prikazali su optimiziranu podršku za EPYC, dok su ključni dobavljači hardwareskog ekosustava Mellanox, Samsung Electronics, Xilinx također pridonjeli u EPYC - optimiziranim platformama. 


Ovdje možete dobiti uvid u detalje od strane specijalista za procesore: 


"AMD is obviously in full attack mode. After delivering powerful Ryzen desktop processors they hit the competition with server CPUs as well. The new EPYC family of processors is really something else. It even features three 32 core models."

"Not many people expected a big surprise from AMD. "Eternally second" managed just that. Its new EPYC processor family which includes three 32 core models set a bunch of new world records in performance." 

‘The new 14 nm CPUs are representatives of the Zen core architecture and will help AMD to return successfully to the IT corporate segment, so far dominated by Intel.’
‘EPYC is destined to increase the performance of corporate and cloud applications as well as the performance of machine intelligence applications, as explains Lisa Su, AMD’s president and CEO’ 

‘AMD hopes to gain market share with the new processors launched under the brand "Epyc” on Zen architecture. This could cause major changes in cloud data centers today in the way that this CPUs comes with extremely efficient technical architecture, according to AMD officials. An AMD EPYC processor can replace 2 Intel Xeon processors, which will have an impact in the growth of costs for data centers in the cloud, say AMD representatives. In addition to the increased computing power and resource optimization, first EPYC series has integrated security component.’
“AMD is launching a new series of server processors called EPYC, with up to 32 cores per chip. EPYC 7000 Series processorsis addressing the need of such components for servers in the datacenter. New CPUs are based on Zen architecture developed by the company and each of processors may end up with even 32 Zen cores. Thus, AMD launches the most competitive response to Xeon processors from Intel. The move comes as we are dealing with a ten years of Intel domination in this area." 

“AMD reenters the server market with its new Epyc CPUs. Based on the Zen-architecture which is also powering the desktop CPOU Ryzen, AMD Epyc’s product range even includes the flagship Epyc 7601 CPU which comes with 32 cores and 64 threads! (...) In a variety of different benchmarks, Epyc outperforms Intel’s Xeon CPU by 23 to 70 percent!”

“With Epyc, AMD now has a processor that is up to 4 times as powerful as the last Opteron 6386 SE was 5 years ago. Epyc will be very competitive to Intel’s Xeon CPU in almost every server workload.“ 

‘Ultimately, this first approach to the EPYC series has hit us positively. Innovations from the point of view of I/O management seem to be really excellent’
The new Californian producer's keywords are performance, balance and security, and AMD seems to have worked very well, especially on the last point’. 

‘Epyc processors are so different from the direct Intel competition, that nevertheless its smaller or greater performance advantage they have now (or which Intel may soon be taking back) they will be attractive for the server operators because of its feature set.
‘The support for this CPU line has been announced by such industry giants, like Dell, Asus, HP and others, which clearly demonstrates how bright is the future for AMD in this market sector. (…) This may be another hardware revolution, not less important that previous Intel competitor actions on classic PC field.’ 

‘Yesterday night, AMD officially introduced the 14-nm EPYC series 7000 processors, named the first models and shared information about the cost of new products that would replace the Opteron processors. The first wave included 12 models of processors with different levels of performance and the number of physical cores up to 32 pieces. From 12 models, by the way, 4 models with 32 cores and 64 threads. AMD believes that the new products will be able to withstand partly the Intel Xeon processors of the Skylake generation, and not just Broadwell.’

PC Week 
‘After the debut of the AMD Zen architecture in the consumer segment in the form of Ryzen family models, the server processors came out - the 14-nm EPYC replaced Opteron. The EPYC family includes 8-, 16-, 24- and 32-core models of the 7000 series for single-processor and dual-processor servers (nodes). OEM-collectors will get 12 models of processors. AMD is confident that the new products will be able to partially withstand Intel Xeon not only generations of Broadwell, but also Skylake. AMD claims that its innovations provide greater performance in floating-point calculations, better memory bandwidth and I / O controllers compared to competitors. Positioning for one- and two-socket systems, according to AMD, will meet the needs of 90-95% of the server market.’


"Epyc is able to harness an Intel-beating core and thread count by being built through that multi-chip module architecture, where four Zen-based dies are connected to each other. Such an approach only works if the inter-die connection is super-fast and low latency, and here is where AMD is putting great store in its in-house-developed Infinity Fabric."

IT Pro Portal
"With the new chips available now, and an ecosystem that includes industry heavyweights such as Lenovo, HPE and Samsung, it seems that the EPYC series could already be along the way to becoming a success for AMD as it looks to re-launch itself in this market." 

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