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Ostanite na "putu slave" s najnovijim AMD FX-4320 procesorom!

Prosinac 11, 2015

AMD, FX-4320

Ostanite na "putu slave" s najnovijim AMD FX-4320 procesorom!

The only compromise that AMD FX-4320 allows is for a price, and never for performance.

All the latest gaming hit titles that have been published in the pre-holiday season confirmed one fact – the time of multi-core optimized games has finally arrived. Quad-Core processor is a minimum requirement that set all the latest games and publishers. AMD has a ready answer in the form of the most affordable quad-core FX processors marked the 4320th.

With Turbocore technology that allows the processor to run at even 4.2 GHz, each player will have at their disposal sufficient reserves of performance to run all the latest headlines without compromise. Also unlocked multiplier, this processor will enable everyone with a little overclocking skills to extract additional performance held by its four cores.

In the back, a few years, AMD has worked closely with Microsoft to develop new DirectX 12 API, which, among other things, makes system optimization for multi-core processors enabling many DirectX 12 games that are coming from the beginning of the next year, to take advantage of maximum performance of FX processors such as FX-4320th.

AMD FX-4320 is a mandatory weapon in the arsenal of every gamer, and it’s very affordable price allows a new level of performance and users with limited budgets.

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